WomeninTechZA is an initiative that aims to help address the gender gap in the ICT sector. Only 23% of tech jobs are held by women in South Africa – out of 236 000 ICT (tech) roles, women occupy 56 000 of them. As a sector, we need to hire women to improve diversity in the workplace (and it’s been proven that higher diversity equals higher productivity and profit).


But we cannot find women with the required skills, and we cannot attract young women to the sector because when they look at conferences, in the media and inside technology companies, they mainly see men (who they can’t relate to), doing what they perceive to be ‘boring’ jobs.


In order to improve both one and two, WomeninTechZA aims to act as a showcase and provide a platform where technology companies can find women to hire, and to start changing the image of the tech sector by showing the world the diverse faces of ICT.


YCBF is a business network platform with over Ten thousand plus YOUNG CEO’s (Direct & indirect) and investors spread across Africa, Europe, America and Middle East carrying out businesses in diverse sectors of the economy, including, Agriculture, Hospitality, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Fashion & Design, Media, Manufacturing, e-commerce, Health, Music & film Production.


We are also the organizers of the young CEO’S business summit (YCBS), designed for pioneering CEOs who aspire to conduct their businesses in tandem with global best practices. These CEO’s consciously integrate and cultivate cultures that support people to learn, grow, develop and flourish. With collaborations from young CEOs across Africa specifically from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Gambia, Mali, Malawi, Botswana, Cape Verde, Ethiopia and that of our counterpart from UK, Asia, USA and Europe, we are set to explore international idea exchange, Collaborations and synergies that will guarantee business excellence for our continent and the rest of the world.

The Anchor Generation (TAG) is an African focussed non-profit organisation which seeks to empower African youth through sustainable Skills Development, Job Creation, Health & Safety Education, Nutrition and Community Development programmes.


Founded and headed by Lisa Bhembe and Leruo Dichaba, The Anchor Generation actively advocates and runs programmes that build youth into responsible citizens who actively contribute to take ownership of the betterment of their communities and their national and African economies. TAG firmly believes in building Africa from the ground, up. Ensuring that our youth are educated, skilled and of a strong moral standing.


TAG’s Mission is to help disadvantaged African youth make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance, socially, intellectually and economically, and exceptional generation that helps build sustainable African communities and economies.


Farai Foundation is a non-profit organisation and operates exclusively for charitable purposes to support education in Southern Africa. As a non-profit organisation, Farai Foundation is dedicated to seeing more students from disadvantaged communities access education by providing scholarships and other opportunities at both primary and secondary school level. Visit Website


OUR PARTNER: Gridbow Engineers & Technical Services is an Award Winning Electrical Infrastructure, Civil Engineering & Consulting Company. The company offers world-class Overhead Powerlines, Cable Installations, Terminations & Jointing, Heat, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning solutions.  Visit Website